Buy property in Bulgaria

What you should know when you decide to buy property in Bulgaria

Residential or commercial property to buy

As part of the European Union Bulgaria now is becoming a very attractive destination for foreign investments in a different types of the business or real estates. The major reasons for the growing investments interest are the geographical position of Bulgaria, marvelous landscapes and the combination of beautiful beaches and mountain views, the low tax rates for investments and the guaranteed increase of real estates prices.

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Buy residential properties in Bulgaria

Buy residential properties in Bulgaria

If you’ve been before in Bulgaria you would probably like the idea of having your own Bulgarian property. The decision what to buy and where is very difficult, because the options on the market are nearly unlimited. There are several questions you need to answer yourself to clear in your mind what exactly you need. First of all is the question:

1. Would it be summer / Black sea side property or winter / ski resort property.

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Commercial properties for sell in Bulgaria

Commercial properties for sell in Bulgaria

If you are looking to invest money in commercial properties in Bulgaria now is the right time. There are hundreds of cheap commercial properties for sell on the table starting from small family hotels up to very popular 5 star hotels, from small local shops up to MALL’s, from small offices up to whole business centers. Of course it is understandable why such offers are not published online. Most of them are working businesses, but due to financial problems caused either by the high interest levels of loaned money or organization weaknesses their owners have taken decision to sell