Property management services in Bulgaria

Some clients prefer not to deal with any details after they buy property in Bulgaria. Most often customers buy not furnished new development properties or property that needs repair works. In these cases they definitely need our property management services. We successfully support any kind of repair works like painting & decorating, plastering, ceramic tales replacement, wallpaper replacement, carpenter services, plumber and electrician services and etc. We can also design the individual vision of your new Bulgarian apartment or house and complete the project after your approval. This is part of our property management services concerns only the maintenance of the property. If you buy real estate in Bulgaria as investment and wish to generate income with it we can rent it out. This means that we will find customers to rent it, will clean it up and prepare for the next customer and so on. As your authority / representative we will deal with bills, developers and customers for any issues concerning your property. If you are interested in our services, please contact us sending full description of the property including location details and property details as well a few recent photos of the property and we will contact you to discuss it.