Publish property in Bulgaria for sell

Dear owner of property in Bulgaria,

We offer the opportunity to publish for sell your property in Bulgaria. No matter what is the reason that made you to take decision to sell we can give you a hand and help you to find buyer for your property. This is not free service, but it is not based on commission for sell. We believe that at this moment when you are trying to safe your investments you may find our proposal of one time fee of EUR 20.00 for publishing online your property.  This is life-time payment fee which means that it will stay published until it's been sold. The visitor will see your contact details and can contact you directly. You will be in position to negotiate the price directly with the buyer and have no obligations to us for commissions.

If you are interested in this offer, please do not hesitate to contact us


Look forward to help you !

Sell property in Bulgaria

Publish property for sell in Bulgaria

If you have taken decision to sell your property in Bulgaria we may be able to help you. Depending on the price and the property type we may offer you either to buy it or to publish it online and resell it. We would be more than happy to review your lowest offer for: studio apartment, 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartment, house, and penthouse you sell in Bulgaria. Email us sending full description of the property including location details, property details and financial details, as well a few recent photos of the property and we will contact you to discuss it.